Ballot fiasco in Clackistan

It's time to put the election results to bed, because they probably won't change much for the rest of the night from what I've reported here.

But most media aren't calling the Schrader race and some other races because of an election disaster in Clackamas County, where many, if not most, of the ballots can't be counted by machine because the commercial printer in Bend that the county hired used the wrong paper and the wrong toner. Get this: The county is going to hand-copy the votes from the defective ballots onto new ones, so that the machines can count them. Not a big confidence-builder, and it could slow things down by many days. There are apparently many thousands of bad ballots to deal with.

If you want to hear the whole sordid story, the county commission hearing on the subject, from last week, is available here. Bring popcorn. Meanwhile, unless it's a runaway, and the Schrader deal isn't quite, put an asterisk on any election result where people voted in Clackistan. They mostly haven't been heard from yet.


  1. Wow, a bunch of elderly folk (bless their great efforts and hours of work) are going to be hand-copying from one ballot to another... incredible and ripe for disaster.


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