Jaime's slightly ahead of Kent; Perez out in front

In the Congressional primary in and around the 'Couve, Jaime Herrera Beutler is 4707 votes ahead of Trumpy Joe Kent. There might be 83,000 votes left to count. The top vote-getter is the Democrat, Marie Perez, who's ahead of Jaime by 7856. Far-out Republican Heidi St. John is in fourth place, 5418 behind Kent.

If these positions hold, it will be an eminently conventional November contest between the Republican incumbent and the Democratic challenger. Perez can take some comfort in that 75.5 percent of the constituents voted against JHB. But that said, the Democrat has only 31.8 percent of the vote.

If I were a lobbyist, I'd be sending Jaime a congratulatory text as soon as she's too far ahead for Kent to catch her. That may not be quite yet, but I'd have it all drafted now.