Any more underdog players out there?

We're still a few folks short of a quorum for our charity pro football underdog game. It's described here – a season-long game in which players try to pick underdogs that will win their National Football League games outright. The best 'dognosticators get to name their respective favorite eligible charities to take shares of a pool made up of modest entry fees. The better the player's picks, the more his or her charity gets.

In the past, the game has provided a fair amount of amusement, and charities have picked up quite a few hundred bucks over the years. Last year we donated $440.

So far, several readers have indicated that they would play if the game were running again this year. But the response has been somewhat less than overwhelming. If you're interested, and you haven't already said so, please email me at No obligation yet; I'm still at the gauging-interest stage at the moment.

But the NFL regular season starts on September 8, which is just a little more than two weeks away, and so I'll have to make a call on this soon. Please pipe up if you want to give the 'Dogs a go.