Do we play the 'dogs again this year?

The sun is a little lower in the sky these days, and that means American football is upon us. The pro football regular season starts up on September 8, I believe.

Is there any interest in resurrecting our charity pro football underdog game for another season? This is the game in which players select each week a team that is favored to lose; if that team wins, the player gets the number of points by which the team was favored to lose. The players with the most points at the end of the season get to designate the charities to which the pool of entry fees is donated. Last year's rules are here

Last year, the winners were:

1. Mad Dog (70 points) - $285 - Shriners Children's Portland

2. Meow (66.5 points) - $90 - Cat Adoption Team (naturally)

3. Eric (66 points) - $65 - Oregon Dog Rescue

Before we get too far along with doing it again, let's make sure we have a quorum. If you think you might be interested in playing this coming season, send me an email message to that effect now at We had 21 players last year; we'll play again if we can get at least a dozen this time around.

I look forward to hearing from returning and new 'dognosticators. It's all for good causes, and if you're good at it, you get to name the causes!