Iced skinny vanilla outta here

You know it's bad when Starbucks starts closing stores because your town is too scary.

But so it is at Fourth and Morrison in downtown Portland. The black bloc-heads and the rest of downtown's wonderful street people are chasing out The Man.

I haven't been in a Starbucks in years, but that's just sad. And it will only embolden the avengers of all societal wrongs to do more property damage in the name of whatever cause they're feeling on their microdose of the day.

The Starbucks suits are also closing a second Portland location, at the Gateway shopping center. Also too dangerous.

Wow, just wow. We slide further and further, faster and faster. Now someone's systematically trashing all the bus shelters.

We need even more park rangers and orange traffic barrels, I guess.


  1. Both sites conveniently located along the lines of the MAX trains, BTW. They bring such good things, those trains. Can't imagine why Clark County doesn't want them.


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