Any excuse will do

The avengers of all societal wrongs were at it again in downtown Portland yesterday. After a legitimate demonstration against the impending Supreme Court abortion decision, the usual black-bloc ne'er-do-wells started busting stuff up and spray-painting their profound messages all over. A number of businesses around the Justice Center were hit, and some clown threw some flaming material at the federal courthouse.

The destruction had nothing to do with abortion, of course. That was just an excuse for some of the city's many mentally unstable people to act out. Any time there is an injustice anywhere in the world, windows of businesses in Portland are destroyed. For example, a couple of weeks ago when the cops in Michigan killed a poor person of color named Patrick Lyoya, a marching mob trashed some stuff and lit some fires in northeast Portland over by the police station. Which proves what, exactly? 

Any public grievance is the signal for the anarchists and other crazies to let loose. The cops never even try to stop them any more, so why wouldn't they continue? The PoPo arrested one guy yesterday. He was immediately released, of course. 

Coincidentally, the news broke yesterday that Apple is talking about replacing the doomsday cage around its downtown store with some sort of clear plastic barrier. And the downtown cheerleaders hailed it as progress. How sad.


  1. Cry babies crawl out of their cribs and pretend to care about the world's ills.

  2. If they're not just fed informant false flags within the bloc-heads?
    Doubt it, but you never know?

    Maybe they're taking kick-backs for cheaper real estate for the weasels to 'renew' or 'redevelop' or insurance companies charging higher premiums that are regulated on a % profit/loss basis?


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