Georgy Porgy, puddin' pie

Back when sports gambling first became legal in Oregon, there were two ways to go: the completely legal way, through the state "lottery," or the gray-area way, through one of the offshore gambling outfits. Being an upright citizen, I decided to go perfectly legal, with the "lottery" folks, and their product was something called Scoreboard.

Man, did that ever feel sketchy. In order to play my 50 bucks or whatever it was, I had to open a bank account with something called the Bank of George. I am not making that up, I really had to do that.

Well, Scoreboard was quite the dud, especially in that it didn't allow wagering on college games, and so in time, I cashed out my last five bucks or so, and moved on to Plan B. That's where I learned about Bitcoin, a story told earlier. Eventually I took the Scoreboard app off my phone, and forgot all about the state version of sports gambling.

Until today, when I got this message from Salem. Lo and behold, the "lottery" has changed its sports book setup, and my account at the Bank of George has been closed.

The Bank of George – I still can't believe the smell of that one. But then again, the state "lottery" has always had a bit of an odor to it. For a while it was being run by Dale Penn. You remember him, the guy who prosecuted Frank Gable. Uh huh.