Time to vote

Can't wait any longer for Bitchtucci. It's time we did this. Here's how I'm voting, in order of importance:

Portland City Council:  Gonzalez

Portland City Council:  Ryan

Multnomah County Chair:  Meieran

Judge, Court of Appeals:  Ortega

Multnomah County Commissioner:  Jackson

Oregon Governor:  Read

Oregon Labor and Industries Commissioner:  Kull

Metro President:  Dye

U.S. Senate:  Barlow

U.S. House:  Polhemus

I've written about all of these choices before, except Labor and Industries. Kull or one of his campaigners actually showed up at the house last week, which is nice. His competition includes a Republican (NEVER!) babbling about affordable housing, some guy just in from Arizona and hot to defend homophobes, and a person who's been endorsed by the last five people to hold the position (gong!).

Election Day is tomorrow.