Bitchtucci Watch is on

If you're like me, you may almost be ready to fill out your ballot in the primary election that's now under way in Oregon. But I like to wait until late in the game in case any bombshell news breaks. Plus, I enjoy lots of laughs getting the election porn in the mail and passing it on to my blog readers. Once the campaigns see that you've voted, they stop sending the flyers.

The last couple of years, I have had another reason to wait. I have discovered an unofficial voter guide written by one "Bitchtucci," and I have wanted to read what it says. Marissa Yang Bertucci sounds off, with a lot of soul, on races big and small before each election around here. I admire anyone who would take the time to write up, at length, how she's voting and why. Last year, she explained:

POSITIONALITY NOTEZ: I’m nobody. Just a big nerd. I’ve written a voter’s guide of some kind since I was 16. Spending hours creeping the candidates and ballot measures is just a compulsion I cannot shake. I want you to know at least what I know, and for you to draw your own conclusions. I’m cisgender, able-bodied, bi, femme, mixed Korean/white, working a middle class school counseling job. There are LIMITS to my perspective and you should vote with all your tools and sources of information. I am open to feedback and want to repair harm that I may cause to marginalized communities. Reach out and I’ll try to do right by you.

I'm monitoring her blog and will let you know when you can go see what she's thinking this time around. We still have two weeks before we have to get out the pens.