Molasses (or worse) in Oregon City

The Clackamas County election debacle continues. I was just comparing last evening's results in Kurt Schrader's primary race to Thursday evening's. The number of votes tallied went up by only 71 votes for the day. Not a typo.

In contrast, the total increased by 2,981 votes yesterday in the Republican primary for that seat.

Not that it's going to matter much. Yesterday I noted that Schrader can't win, and a few hours later, the O agreed. But there's something very, very not right going on in that elections office down there.

A reader has suggested that the state should declare the situation an emergency and take over the counting. That might not be a bad idea.

UPDATE, Saturday night: They counted a big 380 more in the Schrader race on Saturday. It looks like there are about 71,000 votes left to count countywide. Of those, maybe 10 or 15 percent are Dem voters in Schrader's district.


  1. The integrity of our state's election process is at stake and to restore/maintain credibility, the state really needs to finish CC's election count.

  2. We're in deep trouble down here. The O called on Hall to resign this morning. That's simply laughable. Assisted Living Katherine Harris isn't going anywhere. She's a true believer who's going to see this thing through.

    Brown and Fagan seem content to let her do as she wishes. My greatest fear is they bring in someone from Multnomah County to "take over", which would be the absolute worst thing they could do. That would simply activate the flag wavers in Damascus and Sandy, inviting them into Oregon City for a redneck Brooks Brothers Riot. A quick Google search suggests the guy in charge of Marion County elections is both competent and dedicated. Were I Fagan, I'd be on the phone to that guy right now and pleading for help.

    Clackamas County will be the epicenter of Oregon elections this fall. We're likely going to decide CD-5 AND the three-way match for governor. The flag wavers from the hills to the east will go nuts if there's a whiff of weakness and incompetence in the OC.

    This is going to get really bad.

  3. It's not who votes, but who counts the votes.


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