Blistered in Sisters

The mainstream media in Oregon is kinda slow a lot of the time. A few of the news outlets just figured out in the last few days that Traitor Schrader was primaried out of Congress last week. But to me that was pretty obvious late last week.

Anyway, let's not overlook the fact that Schrader was endorsed by Joe Biden himself a few weeks before the election. And the voters in the newly gerrymandered Fifth District told them both where to go.

With that kind of disarray in the Democratic Party over there, I'm thinking the general election could be close. It's Jamie McLeod-Skinner for the Blue vs. Lori Chavez-DeRemer for the Red. Epic battle of the hyphenateds. They both look a little scary.

If the Republican wins, we'll all be made to feel bad for supporting the true Democrat over fake-Dem Schrader in the primary. It will be Hillary Guilt all over again. But progressive people are tired of watching the country lurch to the right when the Republicans are in charge, and stand dead still when the Democrats are running things. Schrader was an obvious poster child for that sentiment. And so off to the Hamptons he goes.


  1. This will be quite interesting. Her bio looks good, with at least some stability behind her. Lori that is. I really don’t get the hate for Schrader. His biggest sin seems to be that he didn’t sign onto a vague, trillion dollar spending bill. Isn’t that why we have representatives in the first place? To watch over how our money (borrowed in this case) is spent?

  2. As in the way Schrader watched over our money by steadfastly refusing to let the biggest volume purchasers of medicines, Medicare and Medicaid, negotiate the prices they pay with that money? That's reason enough to kick the bought and paid for drug company shill to the curb.


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