You'll have bad times, and he'll have good times

No sooner had I made fun of Kurt Schrader again than President Biden endorsed him in the primary. 

Why would the White House not let The Traitor battle it out with progressive challenger Jamie McLeod-Skinner in the new version of the Fifth Congressional District? Maybe they think Schrader's a shoo-in for re-election, and they're kissing up to him in exchange for future votes. Or maybe they think it's too risky to run McLeod-Skinner in November in a district whose character is not entirely known.

Or perhaps I'm being too cynical. It could simply be that the party's commitment to mediocrity is that strong.

Another interesting question is why the White House bothered with this at all. Maybe somebody took a poll, and the primary race is close. We'll find out some things soon enough. 

But come the new year, I'm afraid nothing the Democrats in Congress say or do is going to matter much. God help us. Next time you're at Goodwill, better look for some old Berlitz records, on Russian.


  1. I'd say the latter 2; unknown district/don't really know it that well all the way from Washington D.C., extablishment incumbent, & mediocrity, don't really care who wins (or even if they win apart from propping up institutional legitimacy to hollow &/or institutions that only perpetuate evil?)...these are Ds we're talking about, right?

  2. All polls point to a red wave election nationally (purplish wave in Oregon) and they are trying to contain the expected damage. Oregon D's plotted to extend their 4-1 advantage into a 5-1 after redistricting. Schrader's district has weakest D advantage and he's a solid fundraiser (for reasons well documented on this blog).

  3. Interesting to note that someone from his campaign left a flyer in my door here in Canby last week. That never happened when I lived in PDX. As Canby's lone Democrat, I wouldn't be surprised if he showed up himself at some point.


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