Preliminary election results

Well, now we know a bunch of political things that we didn't know yesterday.

At least based on early returns, Schrader the Traitor, despite his pharma money, will have to go back to castrating kittens, or maybe retire to the Hamptons. About time. Jamie McLeod-Skinner will face the Repubican challenger, Lori Chavez-DeRemer, in November. Battle of the hyphenateds!

Crypto Bro's pal is toast, looking at going back to bringing fondue sets to Namibia or whatever important planet-saving stuff it is he does. The new Sixth Congresional District will run a Democrat who doesn't even live there, Andrea Salinas. Gerrymandering taken to new depths. Her opponent will be the Republican Mike Erickson.

In Portland, Jo Ann With the Bullhorn is at 38 percent; Not Jo Ann With the Bullhorn is at 62. It's not clear which of the two white dudes will be on the ballot against her in November. The boys are in a dead heat.

Ryan won easily.

Meieran and Pederson will apparently run off for Multnomah County chair in November. I hope Sharia Mayfield does the right thing and backs Meieran, enthusiastically. Mayfield has a bright future in politics if she uses her strong powers of persuasion wisely.

In my district, that hideous Susheela Jayapal won re-election to the county commission, handily. Too bad for the county.

For governor, T. Kohoutek prevailed for the blue, not close and no surprise. Toby Read was such a dud. On the red side, it looks like Christine Drazen will qualify for the three-way with Betsy Johnson in the fall.

Hoyle is getting DeFazio's seat in Congress.

Thank God, Ortega will stay on the Court of Appeals.

Stephenson is way ahead for Labor and Industries, but she may have to run in November against Helt, the Bend Republican. Right now Stephenson's lead is only 47–19.