Saddle up for obstruction

I got an email message today from Schrader the Traitor, asking for money so that he can keep his seat in Congress and continue playing Manchin. Before sending it to the e-round file, I did stop and admire his amusing campaign logo:

Of course, it's anatomically incorrect. He's got the wrong end of the horse.


  1. Wrong end of the horse, indeed!!! I hope the 5th District people send this DINO back to his veterinary practice FT.

    1. Don't kid yourself;
      once you do your time on the taxpayer dime as an otherwise unemployable 'Tommy Boy'(esque) failguy/gal in US-congress, fail-upward opportunities abound:
      -Become a Lobbyist for big $.
      -Get on a board of an NGO or 'Institute'
      -Get on the conference circuit w/ $$$/plate speaking gigs

      Transitioning into more of the Dem do-gooder brand/additional options \/:
      -Write/have a (or a bunch of books *cough* Obama *cough*) book that you promote.
      -Write a terrible play or curriculum we won't be shut of for several years, somehow?
      -Write annoying think pieces/modern day moral equivalents of blogs. but worse?

      Presumably these make up for you being a sellout/not actually doing much to help anyone/being forgotten or not remembered fondly by history, actually maybe being *dimly* able to write, &/or not as able to just go directly for the big $/power options & skipping all the do-gooder stuff the way more outright republican types do?

      But yea, go back to being a Vet/local chain of Vet businesses in boom times for them (tho Banfield Vet. has bought up everything they can in major cities & price gouged/cut services accordingly?).

      Senators (& above), I sort of think of as some of the most crooked &/or established evil guys "in" (if they bother to come back home to their state of origin?) a given state now, congressional reps are mostly dopes &/or ineffectual &/or get their gov. benefits/inside track to lead a cushy life thereafter once they are out of office at the end of a given short 2 year term?

      Schrader's an interesting one?
      He's neither a total dope, not totally unemployable (tho maybe was about to get sued for malpractice or lazy? LOL), but not a young fresh blood republican killer in the shark tank, either?
      Presumably he's hanging onto the gig a bit harder as he doesn't have it *quite* as juicy as either the vocal do-gooders/virtue signalers nor the more business acumen young sharp shark tank republican killers?


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