Sunday Trashways

The guy who writes the blog ThinkingOregon took a bunch of photos on the Springwater Corridor Trail the other day. What a disgrace. 

Portland Parks and Rec, and Commissioner Rubio, you should be ashamed. Lay off the minions who are busy "planning" the destruction of the South Park Blocks, and hire some people to clean this mess up.


  1. As a person who rides the Springwater frequently, the mess (and the smell) stands in stark contrast to when you get to the Gresham city boundary, where the squalor all but disappears.

  2. This crap is all over Portland now and it is just disgusting that the idiots who run the show aren't taking care of this, cleaning it up, and getting rid of the morons who are making these messes in the first place.

    Where shall they go? I don't give a damn, just get them the hell out of our space. They have NO RIGHT to subject us to this garbage in our environment. It's NOT MY PROBLEM to find them a place to "live" - that's their problem. Just get your shit and your ass out of my face and go find your own solution. Maybe - GET A JOB, you idiot!


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