Say goodbye to the elm trees

The Portland City Council passed the makeover plan for the South Park Blocks today. It's not a surprise. They are arrogant idiots.

It was unanimous. Mapps, Rubio, and Ryan are playing right along with the standard City Hall b.s. They're going to be as worthless as their predecessors. "The community is split." That's a load of malarkey. It's basically the urban planning shinola artists in the bureaucracy versus the people who pay their salaries. And guess who just won again.

Nobody with any smarts or soul wants to run for office around here any more. The circling of the drain is accelerating.


  1. Yeah I love the comment from one of the council members I think it was that said that citizen input would be welcome as the project moves forward. Do they think that we were born yesterday or something? They don’t care what we think about the plan now, so why should they care about what we think going forward? These people are way around it.

  2. This has Sammy boy's greasy little fingerprints all over it. He never met a bike lane he didn't like and he is notorious for sucking up to developers.

  3. Call me crazy, but I have a feeling that this will be stopped dead somehow. If not by the courts, then by the outcry from citizens. This is going to be a bridge too far for most Portlanders I believe. As if the city now doesnt have bigger issues to deal with, than spending money chopping up the Park Blocks for more bikie-wikies.

  4. There is no money for the changes. There are no final designs. We can continue fighting at each step of the process. The council can change...conditions can change...before any of this happens.


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