The half of it

Let it be noted that the Weed & Mushroom had a couple of messages last week for those who actually trust its political advice:

    1. Republicans are really, really bad.

    2. If you vote for Betsy Johnson, you might get a Republican governor.

To me, they're batting .500. After the last decade, I would never vote for a Republican for anything, ever, nor would I want to see that death cult succeed in any race. But come on, could they actually take over, with Johnson pulling votes away from WW's precious T. Kohoutek? I think Johnson might actually pull almost as many votes away from the unknown comic who emerges victorious from the current GOP governor-wannabe clown car. (Be careful in the car around the swinger guy, by the way.)

My advice: If you vote for Betsy Johnson, you might get Betsy Johnson as governor.


  1. If Oregon stays a one-party state we are doomed. So called Liberals have one and only one solution to every problem- more taxes. They also like to restrict our freedoms and have been crazy obsessed with that power grab lately.

    If I had my way, we would ban political parties. They have no reason to exist other than to maintain the ruling classes' hold on power. They both suck off the same slime-filled, diseased inbred teat.


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