Drums keep poundin' rhythm to the brain

I see that the Weed is at it again. They're going to see how many times between now and November they can get the words "Betsy Johnson" and "Republican" in the same story or headline. They're running them about 10 days apart, it appears. With 280 days to go to the general election, that would be 28 more times.

You can just see some of their more THC-addled readers vaguely getting the wrong impression. "Hey dude, that owl lady, she's a Republican. Pass the bong." Johnson, who is running as an independent for governor, is a long-time registered Democrat in Columbia County. But she ain't Tina Kohoutek, who's shaping up as Oregon's Hillary, and so Johnson will take a lot of poison darts from the old-timey Dems. Not from me.


  1. Ditto. I will be actively supporting her.


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