Two weeks, five shot dead in Portland

Last spring, when the worsening epidemic of gun violence in Portland became apparent, I put the over/under on homicides in the city for the year at 100. At one point, I feared we might hit 135.

In the end, it appears we wound up with 92. Lower than I predicted, but still a record.

We may hit my over this year, though. We are two weeks into 2022, and already five shooting deaths have happened. You math majors can tell, that's an annual pace of 130.


  1. Looks like it was not such a good idea to shut down the gang violence task force. Also bad idea to defund the police. I'd bet that far more minorities died because of the lack of policing than they did at the hands of police. If you look at results instead of promises and intentions, that makes our city government racist.
    PS: Bad police need to go, but not by cutting all police.


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