Another deadly night in Wheelerville

It's shaping up to be a horrible summer for gun violence in Portland. Last night four people were shot and killed in a single incident just off 42nd south of Powell.

“It’s a gentleman who has a lot of friends coming and going,” she said. “He works on cars. His friends come by and work on their stereos.” 

Meanwhile, the city is having trouble finding cops to volunteer for the reconstituted gun violence team, which was disbanded because it wasn't arresting enough white people.

“There’s so much uncertainty and doubt,” Duilio said. “Officers are cautious to go to a unit like that and inherit this extra risk personally and professionally, especially when a lot of things haven’t been worked out yet. Everyone recognizes the gun violence is in a crisis stage, and that it’s important, meaningful work but there’s so many questions about what the expectations are going to be and what its parameters are.”

Police Chief Chuck Lovell has acknowledged that some officers may be reluctant to join the team in light of the heightened scrutiny and criticism of the former team.

Forty-two people have been killed by other people in Portland since the first of the year. It will be months before the police bureau gets its act together and rolls out the new team. Then the catcalls from the "defund the police" people will crank up. Commissioner Jo Ann With-the-Bullhorn is already undermining the rebuilt squad, and her colleague Carmen Rubio is also making unsupportive sounds.

I'd put the over/under on Portland homicides for the year at 100.


  1. Hey the folks are away for the weekend, I think I'll just sit home and be real good. Take away the cops and gee guess what? Can we now say FFFing morons run the city? The overhanded lockdowns didn't help either, but that is secondary.


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