The final underdog picks

One thing about our charity pro football underdog game is, in order to get ahead of the person in front of you, you have to pick a different underdog than they do. It works the same way on defense: as long as the person on your heels picks the same 'dog as you, they can't pass you.

In the last week of the game, there are only two 'dogs, and so there are plenty of matched picks. Lo and behold, here's how our players picked for today:

7 CINCINNATI at Kansas City - Meow, DB, Evil O, SteveO, TJ, JC, Mad Dog, PDXileinOmaha, Eric, Micah, Mojo, pdxTrojan, Buster Douglas, Gordon, Drew

3.5 SAN FRANCISCO at Los Angeles Rams - CrimsonCrud, Paul, No Chance in Hell, Bad Picker

Despite so many great minds thinking alike, our Top 3 is still not settled. If San Francisco wins and Cincinnati loses, No Chance in Hell moves into second place, and Eric is knocked out. In all other scenarios, the Top 3 remains as it was this morning.

Mad Dog is our winner and Meow will take either second or third.

More on all that when the games are done and the final standings emerge later today. Have a great day and good luck, players and their charities!