Jaime's circus gets another ring

This is the year we find out whether Jaime Herrera Beutler, the Republican member of Congress from the 'Couve, loses her job because she voted to impeach our former President, Orange Caligula. She's already got a red-meat primary opponent named Joe Kent who's proudly touting the endorsement from the ex-Prez himself, and that's trouble for sure. But now there's apparently a third GOP candidate, Heidi St. John (pictured), whom the wags at Wonkette describe as a "Bible Mom lady" running on a "platform of 'Libraries Are Evil.'"

That may not be too far from the truth.

This could make for some interesting dynamics at the polls. If I understand it correctly, Washington State uses a "Top Two" primary system, in which the two candidates who get the most votes in the spring run against each other again in November. Could we wind up with two Republicans in the general election? Or a mainstream Democrat against a certified right-wing crazy?

Adding to the fun is the fact that the district map has been redrawn a bit, and Klickitat County has been moved out. Klickitat is pretty much guaranteed Republican, something like 55 to 45, and so it's conceivable that the district has gotten a little bluer. But Herrera Beutler beat Dem challenger Carolyn Long last time out by 56 to 43, worse than the time before that, at 53 to 47. The district went 51 to 47 for Trump in 2020.

I think Long may not be up for another run at this. Has anybody heard of a Democratic challenger up that way? My scorecard had the non-household names Brent Hennrich and Lucy Lauser. Get ready to spin your circus lights, kids.


  1. Nope--haven't heard anything from my party.

    Given my unique experience with Jaime, well, um, it says something big if I wind up voting for her...

  2. I have seen Janie talk a couple of times and her big thing is home schooling as she is some sort of a celebrity in that area. Never heard a hint of opposing civil liberties. If I had I would have cross examined her. Unlike too many Democrats, she is pro self defense, and pro police.

  3. Heidi has been in the race for nearly a year now. She's running on a platform of freedom. The author of this blog should reach out to her and try to have an honest conversation with her.

    1. Please move to Idaho, where you belong.

    2. Please stay in Portland - where you belong.

    3. Jack Bogdanski, so you're saying people who believe in freedom and having honest conversations have no place in Washington State. Gotcha. To be honest, I feel like that's an honest assessment of Washington politics right now. Good call.
      One more reason to vote Heidi St. John for congress!


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