What will happen with Jaime?

It's going to be an interesting year watching the race for the congressional seat that includes Vancouver, Washington, which is a suburb of Portland. The hideous incumbent Republican, Jaime Herrera Beutler, has got her hands full with an even worse candidate – a Trump suicide cult warrior, Joe Kent, who's running against her in the primary. Both Kent and JHB are raising all sorts of dough from around the country, because she voted to impeach Orange Caligula after the insurrection.

With two Republicans gouging at each other, it seems like an ideal spot for the Democrats to make a move. And somebody good on the blue team had better start moving soon, because in Washington State, the top two vote-getters in the primary are the only ones who will appear on the November ballot. It's possible that the general election ballot matchup could be Kent vs. JHB.

The two-time Democratic challenger, Carolyn Long, hasn't filed to declare her candidacy, at least not yet. The active Dems so far are newbies named Brent Hennrich and Lucy Lauser. It would seem that with the Republicans split, a Democrat should be able to land in the top two. And if they run against Kent, they'd probably have a decent chance in the general. In some ways, it's an opportunity.

We'll know a lot more when Long reveals her plans. Maybe she'll take another shot at it and root for Kent over JHB in the primary.