Underdog Game goes viral

The National Football League has rescheduled three of this weekend's games due to players and coaches coming down with the 'rona. The moves are as follows:

GameWas supposed to be Now changed to
3 LAS VEGAS at Cleveland Saturday afternoonMonday afternoon
4.5 WASHINGTON at PhiladelphiaSunday afternoonTuesday evening
4.5 SEATTLE at Los Angeles RamsSunday afternoonTuesday evening

Anticipating that this kind of thing might happen, our rules provide that all three games are still in play, because they have not been forfeited, cancelled, or postponed past Tuesday night.
BACKUP PICK: There is the possibility that games will be forfeited or cancelled due to Covid, extreme weather, or other disaster. If that happens to your game, you lose, unless you had sent me a clearly designated backup pick for the week. If you want a backup pick, your first and second choices must be ranked in order for me. That way, if there’s a last-second forfeit or cancellation, you will still have an underdog to cheer for. If you send in one (or more) pick and that game (or games) is/are cancelled, you take a bye week. There is no “default underdog.”

If your game is postponed past Tuesday night, it will be considered cancelled for purposes of this rule, and your backup pick, if any, will control.

Under the circumstances, as I mentioned yesterday, backup picks are advised.

As for deadlines, if you want the remaining Satur-'dog, New England, your pick is due by game time, 5:20 p.m. PST tomorrow. All picks for the week other than New England are due at 10:00 a.m. PST on Sunday.

There could be other moves before we get to the various kickoffs. I will try to keep on top of the situation. Players, you are again encouraged to include a backup pick just in case.