On the seventh day of Covid, my true love sent to me

There's a perceptive article in the Washington Post today about the psychological effects of coming down with Covid. Not becoming deathly ill with it, but just getting the lighter version of it. People who have taken every precaution, playing life ultra-safe for nearly two years, and still gotten it, are experiencing some pretty unpleasant emotions to go along with their physical symptoms.

Frustration. Defeat. Guilt. Anger.

Reading this article made me feel quite a bit better, because over the past week I have felt all of those things. And the holidays, which always put an edge on things, haven't helped. I'm reassured to see I am not alone in that department.

So if you're preparing yourself for the day, coming pretty soon, when you find you have Covid, prepare yourself also for these adverse feelings. Try to have some perspective. If you're not really that sick (and you probably won't be if you're vaccinated), you dodged a bullet. You didn't stay Covid-free forever. But so what? You stayed alive and relatively well. You're smart, and lucky. Move on.


  1. Great to see you up & about, Jack! Ease back in and enjoy the turn of the New Year 🥂


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