On the third day of Covid, my true love sent to me

I thought I did everything right with masks and shots, but I did push myself physically for a few days earlier in the week, and I started feeling sick when I woke up on Christmas Eve. It felt like a nasty head cold. Sneezing, a runny nose. By Day 2, it was accompanied by a mild case of what the TV ads used to call "distress in lower tract." No sore throat, no cough to speak of. Not debilitating by any means, but a clear sign that it was time to lie low.

I had a fairly normal Christmas, which I probably shouldn't have had, and today I took a DIY test: positive. Now I'm trying to isolate myself in just a couple of rooms. I'm hoping that I will fight it off over another few days, but this thing can be pretty unpredictable.

I am beyond glad and grateful that I am thrice vaccinated. As is everyone else in my house.

I suspect the average person is going to catch the Omicron version of Covid, but the severity will depend in large part on their status with the shots. People who can't get the vaxes, or whose bodies don't respond to them, had better hunker down harder than ever. As for the fools who refuse to get vaccinated, they deserve what they get.

I'm sorting through a lot of feelings about my current situation. After 21 months of forgoing normal life to try to dodge the virus, coming down with it feels like a real defeat. I also feel bad for anyone I may have given it to over the past week or so. And although I'm nowhere near as terrified as I would have been a year ago, I won't be laughing this off until it's gone, long gone.


  1. Take it slow & easy, and don’t underestimate it & it’s ability to ‘come back on you.’ Long-Covid is also a real thing, so nourish yourself well during your convalescence. Wishing you the very best in getting all well again soon.

  2. Do not take this as medical advise, but this is interesting: https://joannenova.com.au/2021/12/oh-the-mystery-of-how-coronavirus-doesnt-infect-and-kill-people-in-japan-anymore/

  3. You may want to consider asking another member of your family to go to a drugstore and buy a pulse oximeter. They cost $30-$40. If you use it and find out your blood oxygen level has dropped below 90 or 91%, it will be time to go to the ER- or at least to talk with your physician. Even if your oxygen readings remain normal throughout your case, it can be used again if someone else in your family develops a case. I hope you recover quickly and don't come down with any 'long Covid' issues.

    1. My watch purports to take those readings. So far, not affected.

  4. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. I was wondering why we weren’t getting any ‘snow reports’ from you, and I got my answer. I got something about a week before Christmas and spent the whole week in bed with similiar symptoms. I too got the shot and wear the face masks, but can’t see how it could be Covid as I am basically a shut-in. I always get sick when the weather changes, but this time it was different so who knows.

    Anyway, get your rest and keep up the fluids. And that doesn’t mean beer or wine, ha ha.

  6. 89.8% of eligible British people have had one vaccine shot, 82.2% have had two, and 56.5% have had a booster. Yet the UK government estimates that 10% of London's population are simultaneously infected with Omicron as of Sunday. Omicron does breakthrough infection with great ease. Thus far, protection against serious illness does seem to hold up much better than protection against infection.
    Covid is endemic now and will always be with us. The silver lining of Omicron is that the vast majority of people will get Omicron in the coming days and the survivors will develop immunity against severe illness.


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