Now's the time to roll the barrel

We all laughed when Jo Ann "With the Bullhorn" Hardesty, the Portland city commissioner nominally in charge of "transportation," ordered that "local access only" barrels be put up in intersections near where all the gun violence is happening. That might curb the shootings, she reasoned, in her inimitable thought processes.

A couple of months later, the results are in, and we're still laughing. To keep from crying, that is. 

Speaking of those barrels, here's one at 7th & Siskiyou. Try making a left off Siskiyou onto 7th. Hope to God nobody on 7th is turning your way. A bad accident waiting to happen.

The car haters in City Hall don't care. Serves you right for not being on a bicycle in the downpour and 37 degrees.