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I see old New York Nick Kristof's residency problems are winding up in the lap of Shemia Fagan, the Oregon secretary of state. She and her elections crew will have to figure out how our governor wannabe could be an Oregon resident for purposes of the Oregon Constitution and a New York resident for voting purposes at the same time. The whole idea is preposterous, but he's got lawyers.

“In addition, it has come to our attention that you voted in New York State as recently as 2020. Our office has reviewed the published legal memo concerning your residency in Oregon, but the memo does not address the effect of that vote on your Oregon residency.”

It's an interesting interaction, because in some circles, Fagan is mentioned as possible governor material herself. And it seems like she's been trying to keep a low profile on the job, at least for now. She's only been in her current gig for two years. But this is as high a visibility as she can get.

Hence, methinks there are fun times ahead. As I've said here before, Kristof's tax returns would be pretty revealing. But then again, so would those of our other statewide officeholder from New York City, Ron Wyden. We'll never see them.

Meanwhile, I'm picking up a faint Tricky Dick vibe from the Kristof hair. Is it just me?


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