They are different from you and me

Here is an interesting rundown on the latest doings of the spouse of a certain senator "from Oregon." Now, there are some tax returns I'd like to see. But we never will, and don't expect the local media to ask.

Anyway, it seems the minions are restless.

Complicating matters was the fact that Bass Wyden had gotten a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan of between $1 and 2 million to retain 212 employees, rehired 45 employees for the June 22 reopening, but then laid off 12 of them on July 9, per Gothamist. “One of them just put his wife and kid back on the health insurance. It’s cruel and it doesn’t look good,” says Melissa Guzy, a fifth-year bookseller and union shop steward for the United Auto Workers Local 2179, which represents about 170 current and former Strand employees. “When you’re trying to make your workplace successful and the person that runs it undermines the efforts of the people trying to improve it, it becomes difficult.”

She's also bought six figures in Amazon stock lately. Oh, the travails. Next thing you know, they'll have to downgrade to prosecco.