The fall guy

Just as I suspected would happen, the kids at the Weed are on Portland commissioner Dan Ryan's case these days. Today they're dissing him because he couldn't get past the jerk-around he was getting from the Metro government over a managed homeless camp at the decrepit Expo Center.

After almost a year of discussions, the plan flopped.... Nine months after Ryan and Peterson started discussing the plan, the two sides had agreed on nothing.... The lurching nature of the city’s request may be baked into Ryan’s “safe rest site” plan, which is essentially a bandage.... The failure to reach a deal at the Expo Center is the latest setback in the safe rest villages plan....

The last time I checked, there were five people on the City Council, of which Ryan is only one. I think they are all completely bungling the response to street camping and other lawlessness in the city, but I'm not buying that it's Ryan's fault alone. 

I guess the Weed wants some Chloe 2.0 or Jo Ann II to take over Ryan's council seat next year. Or maybe their darling, Creepy Adams. They used to be a little more subtle than this. The younger writers may need better assassination training.