It's hella fun watching the Weed try to kill off Nick Kristof's bid to become governor of Oregon. At the sound of the bell to start Round 1, three months ago, the local weekly came out and punched him square in the jaw with the news that he voted in Scarsdale, New York last November. I was ready to declare a TKO right there.

But Kristof's got a lot of fancy money behind him, and he hired a local law firm to administer some smelling salts. He's a little wobbly, but he has stood back up.

Today the Weed sent out a tag team of its two best assassins to rough him up some more. In an "interview" to which he submitted, they can barely conceal their contempt as Kristof bobs and weaves. He loses this round as well, especially in light of the cover of this week's edition:

Too funny! A stunning head butt, perfectly placed to flatten his propaganda. Just today this email went out:

It's "Newcomer" vs. "Three Generations," folks. Quite a show, with many months to go.

Meanwhile, you-know-who is still doing you-know-what. Things that make you go "Hmmmmm..."