One thumb up for New York Nick

I was talking the other night with a friend who's a true moderate Democrat. Not a fake Democrat like Traitor Schrader. Way more progressive than that. My friend voted for Measure 110, for example. And for Jo Ann Hardesty, too.

But he's seen some sort of light in the last year or so, and these days he's returning to his sensible roots.

Now, this guy is really well-connected, and for good reason. So when he talks politics, I always think he represents quite a few people with bucks and power.

Two things he said stood out for me:

1.  He's willing to overlook Nick Kristof's residency problem. Follow the Perkins legal memo.

2.  "If the Democrats run Tina Kotek, I'm voting for Betsy Johnson."

Trust me, his is a voice not to be ignored.


  1. You've had a few posts saying the "smelling salts" of the Perkins memo would be insufficient? Did your friend change your mind?

  2. I could never vote for someone who I know is legally ineligible for the office. He voted in New York in November 2020. The end.


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