Friday funnies

Betsy Johnson, the ultimate-crazy-old-lady state senator from Scappoose, Oregon, is running for governor as an independent. That's funny enough. But what's funnier is how Willamette Weed reports it, here. They casually make her out to be Oregon's Joe Manchin – true perhaps, but a certain death blow as far as Portland's progressive lambs are concerned. (Including yours truly.)

Even more comically, they neglect to mention that Ellen Rosenblum, the wife of the Weed's de facto publisher, is likely to be running for governor as a Democrat. She hasn't announced her candidacy yet, but I guess Rosenblum's waiting for someone to stand up and say, "All these announced candidates stink! Who will save us? We need someone well connected, with vague name familiarity, who hasn't made waves throughout their entire career!" That speech is probably being rehearsed somewhere even as I type this.

Anyway, it is shaping up to be quite the clown car here next year.


  1. These are the times I wish Mildred Schwab was still around.


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