Kurt kaved

I see that Kurt Schrader, Oregon's DINO Congressman, quit his posturing and voted for the Build Back Better Act late last week. So big of him.

Has anybody heard which of the new gerrymandered districts Schrader will be running in next year? There's the Fifth, which runs from the Woodstock neighborhood in Portland all the way to Bend; and the Sixth, which runs from Jesuit High School in Portland all the way to the far ends of Polk County. Schrader ostensibly lives in Canby, which is in the new Fifth District, but there's no legal requirement that he live in the district that he represents.

Speaking of the Sixth, a reminder that we're currently shopping for a house for Loretta Smith to buy there, since she's running for that House seat. So far we've got a beauty in Willamina, and readers are sending in other suggestions here to Blog Central. But readers, please note: In this edition of House Hunters, we're trying to stay close to a $500,000 budget. Don't go more than $25,000 over or under that figure. Thanks.