Another reason to love Freddy's

Fred Meyer stores are now blaring music late at night to keep the homeless away. Which isn't so good if you actually have a home nearby and are trying to get to sleep in it.

It's more than three months now since I swore off that outfit. It's costing me a little money, but it's well worth it. Life's too short to deal with bad people.


  1. Capitalism; it's not the bad actors, it's all one way too long shitty movie/algorithm/script that you pray will be over every time you have to engage with it!

    IDK why you're making such a show of Kroger / Freddy's?
    What, they're monopolizing, exploiting, rent or resource extracting slightly more efficiently/optimally than some other big supermarket chain?
    They have some shitty people on their board? OMG!

    You spending $20-100 there vs. some other supermarket is gonna make a dent/move the needle in a rounding error in the corporate structure or you even know where it all goes or who decides anything how in any major private tyranny or corporation?

    I guess it gets clicks on your blog, but it seems like more liberal fantasy/public display of moral superiority that's materially pretty meaningless?

    It's good to have enough ego and discipline for artistic or literary output & know how/when to assert it, but reading your pathetic man-child- tantrum performative boycott drivel about how your grocery shopping habits are meaningful or gonna move the needle is getting old/get a new act you boomer burn-out!

    Unless I know someone that grows my food or what's in it (good luck with that or household goods in America), trying to pick apart 100ths of 100ths of a cent of one fat cat consolidated vertically integrated petrodollar-big ag supermarket perveyor & real estate holder (in the case of meyer in Portland which turned out to be an OK place to own) vs. another or 'not this one' isn't really helping anyone, or yourself, other than getting hate & spectacle clicks on your blog and lining your pocket or getting attention?

    & noise is old hat, the brits did the speakers thing to harass teenagers/chase them away from monied luxury loft retirees & shitty yuppies, so they've been perfecting the model for some time!
    Any corporation would import it at low cost, meyer or otherwise!
    Noise pollution codes for generators with the power out / construction or traffic commerce are also a joke!


    Buildings are shoddy/don't keep noise out and noise pollution is considered an 'externality' in our view of economics / private property & 'just in time' & keep laborers separate & traumatized as workers with commerce-flow uber-alles!

    Cars have crazy harsh headlights now, people have outward aiming crazy harsh porch lights on their mid-century crap snout houses, street lights are now a harsher blue with those crap LEDs that are hard to properly focus or diffuse (good for longevity & energy use tho.

    What's this spell? Lots of light pollution, seizures, stress, distrupted sleep patterns and super dark shadows that are actually harder to look into to spot someone or easier to be surprized combined with harsh bluey scattered light.
    No star gazing, no general lack of eye strain and fatigue at night, no nice moonlit walks.

    Even if you're a psycho who likes to try out his (or her/they?) military night-vision goggles, the splotchy harsh light pollution will likely make things more difficult, not easier.

    We were never as low-E of a city as Tuscon, but the soft 2000K sodium glow carefully minimally aimed, nice recessed or japanese lantern style porch or downcast driveway and pathway lights or warm color dim incandescent lights within a glass brick down cast on a retaining wall and federal mandate-1985 sealed beam headlights on cars that had a little upward stray light for overhead uniform USA traffic code road signs and had a feeble ball of light really made for a much more peaceful experience.

    The world also felt safer then for other reasons (including my own aging & mortality), I suspect?

    If we're all just aiming all this outward all the time & there's ever less opportunity, everybody loses.
    The swirls are getting faster & tighter, and what comes after industrial capitalism could very well be even worse in the short term!

    1. So...Jay...The answer is to engage in incomprehensible and incoherent commentary? WTF?

    2. IDK either, just Jack's far from stupid, but this seizing on a corporate board having particular evil people on it on a consolidated/bought out formerly local supermarket chain thing.

      A mind's a terrible thing to waste...

  3. I have been on a self imposed boycott of FM for about 5 years now. We bought our wedding rings there and paid off the balance on our last statement before the interest kicked in. Well evidently we had to have paid it off ‘before’ the last statement, as by then the grace period was over even though it was only a week before or something. So I got stuck with a $700 bill or something for interest and no matter how many letters or phone calls I wrote, I got no response.

    I even sent numerous letters to corporate and they didn’t even give me the courtesy of a return letter. And this is after shopping there for 40 some years and spending tens of thousands of dollars there. Screw them.


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