Portland police strike continues

Among the many unattractive attributes of the Portland police force are its appallingly thin skin and immaturity. Last week they were whining that the mean old state legislature has restricted what they can do when there's a riot. They can't just come out blasting with their tear gas and rubber bullets any more.

So you know what? They aren't going to do anything when there's a riot. And sure enough, last week they didn't.

Portland Police Lt. Jake Jensen told residents in the Pearl District during a neighborhood meeting on Thursday evening that a new police reform law in Oregon — HB 2928 — dramatically limits their options to intervene during protests and declared unlawful assemblies and riots....

Lt. Jensen said officers didn’t directly intervene in downtown Portland on Tuesday night because of this law, and that instead, investigators will work to track down those behind the vandalism later.

A KOIN 6 News reporter witnessed the vandalism unfold on Tuesday night, and witnessed police stay in their patrol vehicles.

They are holding the city hostage. And by "they," I mean a bunch of out-of-town rednecks who make up much of our local law encorcement. They're not getting their way, and to spite the public, they are rendering our once-proud city completely lawless. Shame on them, and shame on us for not having real leaders to stand up to them.


  1. The irony that our least 'visionary' *cough* bought *cough* candidate for mayor was ex cop Tom Potter who won big over total developer sleazebag Jim Francisconi. Although I'd hardly call him a white-nationalist thug with a badge either.

    I wonder after the bronx fires in 1979-1981 what % of NYC cops are outer borough today?

    They're basically an occupying israel trained force at this point, and Eric Adams (there was no good choice for mayor anyway & basically every mayor of every major american city just about has been broken on the wheel of financialization & deindustrialization since sometime in the 70s...came later to us tho & we really should have heeded the warnings of Bronx 1979-1980 & Hell.A 1992) becoming mayor.

    We really are sowing the seeds in public discontent for a brutal crack down, which is unlikely to be good for anyone, even ultimately middle class home owners that work/are basically 'upstanding law abiding citizens' if you will.


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