Business as usual in downtown Portland

If you thought that the black bloc-head anarchists had stopped destroying downtown Portland, you were wrong. They did their full act on Tuesday night, burning, smashing, explosions, graffiti. And the cops did their usual bit, too, letting it go on, whining about how busy they were with other things,  and arresting no one.

Among other businesses, Elephants Deli was trashed. Of all places.

It's pretty obvious that the anarchists still hold all the cards. They'll do whatever they want, whenever they want, in our lawless city. No wonder businesses are leaving in droves. The next one out is Portland General Electric, whose nominal headquarters building (the "World Trade Center," heh) was reportedly one of the latest targets. PGE has built a big new facility in Tualatin; that's where most of their employees will be going soon, if they aren't there already.

Damages from this week's festivities have been estimated at $500,000. That's one night's worth. God help our horribly mismanaged town.


  1. Watched Laurel Porter's Straight Talk this evening interviewing committee members who are analyzing our "commissioner form" of government. It appears there is actual momentum behind changing the way its set up, to create more of a voice for people in the neighborhoods allegedly being represented. Hey, nothing's working currently so, let's give it a go.

  2. If you're fleeing to Tualatin things are getting damn ugly. I'd rather jump in the river.


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