Who's a good boy?

The players in our charity pro football underdog game have been getting their first week's picks in. They're trying to figure out which underdog can win its game outright tomorrow (or Monday night). If any players are right, they get the number of points that their selected underdog was favored to lose by. The game goes on every week until the football season ends, and the player with the most points overall, wins. The winner gets to send a pool of entry fees to an eligible charity of the winner's choice.

Everyone's welcome to play. The full rules are here, and the first week's lines are here. You can play now and pay your modest entry fee later; if you want this week's pick to count, though, you'll need to be square in that department by Wednesday. Even latecomers will have a good shot; the game runs for 21 weeks.

So go for it. Pick a 'dog! You might be a hero for a charitable cause. Check out the rules, then send your first pick by 10 a.m. tomorrow to dogpdx21@gmail.com.

Good luck, 'doggers!