Underdog game firms up with 21 players

As we approach the third week of the American pro football season, it appears that the field in our charity underdog game is now set. We have 21 people signed up (and paid up), and I'm throwing an extra entry fee into the pot (though I'm not picking in our game), and so we have $440 to give to eligible charities in January. 

Since we have more than 20 players, the third-place finisher will get to designate a small amount to charity. The second-place finisher will get to designate a little more, but most of the dough will flow to charity at the direction of our first-place finisher. 

Barring any unforeseen sweetening of the pot (donations welcome, of course), the charity prizes will be:

  • First place $285
  • Second place $90
  • Third place $65
(By the way, there are no tiebreakers. In case of a tie, the money for the respective places will be split among those whose scores are tied.)

Those are not earth-shattering amounts of money to some folks, but I'll bet the prevailing players' eligible charities will be happy. Not to mention the glory for the top finishers. So keep picking those 'dogs, folks.

For the complete rules (including charity eligibility), see here. Good luck, players!