How many 'dogs?

In Clifton, New Jersey, there is a restaurant called Rutt's Hut. When I was a kid, we could afford to go eat there once in a while, and so it must have been quite reasonably priced. They had a lot of great fast food, but they were especially proud of their hot dogs, which they deep fried until they split open, hence their nickname, "rippers." They squeaked when you bit into them. I gather they still do.

When you placed your order at Rutt's Hut, the counter guy would always ask, "How many dogs?" Not "Do you want any dogs?" but rather "How many?" If all you were after was burgers and fries, or maybe Italian sausage, you had to answer firmly, "No dogs."

With our charity pro football underdog game, I do not have to ask the question that flowed so freely from the counter guy's lips. Each player gets one, and only one, 'dog per week (plus an optional backup pick in case their 'dog gets sidelined due to Covid, which hasn't happened yet). Here is this week's menu:

10.5 NEW YORK JETS at Denver

9.5 DETROIT vs. Baltimore

9 WASHINGTON at Buffalo

7.5 HOUSTON vs. Carolina (pick due Thursday 5:20 p.m. PDT)

7.5 CHICAGO at Cleveland

7 JACKSONVILLE vs. Arizona


5.5 INDIANAPOLIS at Tennessee

4.5 CINCINNATI at Pittsburgh

4 PHILADELPHIA at Dallas (Monday, pick still due Sunday morning)

3.5 MIAMI at Las Vegas

3.5 GREEN BAY at San Francisco

3 ATLANTA at New York Giants

3 NEW ORLEANS at New England

1.5 MINNESOTA vs. Seattle

1.5 TAMPA BAY at Los Angeles Rams

Good luck to all our players.


  1. Hey Jack! Karen here. I've actually been to Rutt's Hut in Clifton. Great hot dogs! My friend, Carol Servino (Salva) grew up in Clifton. She and her husband, Jim lived in Astoria for many years. One year us girl friends flew back to NJ to see where Carol grew up. We did a whole Clifton area highlights tour... Rutt's Hut, Fountains of Wayne, The Soprano house used in the series, the "Bada Bing", the big Corrado's Market (picked up some Pecorino Romano) and of course Carol's schools and church. Rutt's Hut was definitely a highlight. I didn't quite know what to expect as Carol's enthusiasm really built it up... and then we drive up to this goofy little place, big line, crowded, people standing all along the counters eating hot dogs... after eating a "ripper" we understood why. It was a great time in Clifton.

    1. Hello to you! Wow, you get around. But have you been to the upstairs bar at the Beekman in NYC? (Ask Gary.)

    2. They say you take 36 minutes off of your life for every hot dog you eat. I swear to God I was at Rutt's Hut yesterday and took 72 minutes off of my life. I drove from Atlanta to Wood-Ridge for a week of reminiscing and a Prep reception in Weehawken tomorrow night.

  2. Oh yes… many times at the rooftop bar at the Beekman! (One of the first places Gary took me to in NY) We’ve stayed there many times. Haven’t been since they renovated it all, but it looks like the bar remains in tact.

    1. Some lovely photos here:

    2. Just mentioned this to Gary... he's rambling on about satellite transponders, Italian mafia restaurants, and the Beekman Bar. :)


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