Greenwash gas emissions

The local gas company here in town is on the run these days. I guess the 116-degree weather of this summer has made it obvious that people are finally getting more than a little nervous about the environmental destruction caused by products like theirs.

And so now the gas company dudes – traditionally, the Goldschmidt gang, and probaby still – have started up a public relations campaign letting us all know that we're going to pay more for energy if they aren't allowed to keep fracking up a storm and enabling all those fossil fuel emissions. I've noticed some TV ads to that effect recently, and last week I got a letter from the company's CEO keeping me "informed" and inviting me to "share" my "thoughts."

They sound like they're worried they're going to be put out of business, don't they? Darn that Greta what's-her-name.

The talking points:

  • They're going to start "capturing" gas from garbage, which makes them "renewable." They're committed to a "vision of a carbon-neutral pipeline by 2050."
  • You should have the option to keep frying the planet. "This is not a decision that should be mandated."
  • Gas is more reliable than electricity.
  • Gas is cheaper.
It's a tough sell, but get ready to hear it over and over for years to come. Try to enjoy it. Think of it this way: How satisfying to watch these fat cats sweat off a few pounds for a change.