Say their names

It's just a matter of a day or two now before the state and the county have to release the names and addresses of the many dozens of people who were left to die in the end-of-June heat wave in Oregon, most of them in Portland. The bureaucrats were stonewalling it, but the mainstream media lawyered up big time and convinced the state attorney general, Ellen "Thinking About It" Rosenblum, to order the information released as warranted by the public interest. A few days later, the Multnomah County boy wonder district attorney chirped his agreement.

They and I see eye-to-eye on this. It's ridiculous that Killer Kate and Deadly Deborah, and their people, tried to hide the names and addresses. Of course, they would like the conversation about their failings to end as soon as possible. But it shouldn't.

Now there are just a few more names and addresses I'd like to see Rosenblum order released: the names and addresses of whoever murdered Michael Francke.