Sunday bloody Sunday?

An alert reader who's on the Downtown Portland "Clean and Safe" [cough, cough] mailing list forwards the latest from the city's comical police chief with regard to the scheduled downtown throwdown this Sunday between the Proud Boys and the Anti-Fascists. Among the chief's words of wisdom:

If people do engage in violent activity or property destruction, they may be arrested and prosecuted. The Portland Police Bureau will monitor this event and may make arrests for crimes where resources allow. That does not always happen in the moment. We have consistently done follow-up investigations, made arrests, and forwarded cases to the Multnomah County District Attorney for prosecution. Just because arrests are not made at the scene, when tensions are high, does not mean that people are not being charged with crimes later...  

We can’t predict always what behavior will occur and when, but we try our best to keep the community informed. We also have a finite number of officers who need to respond to emergency 911 calls. We do our best to plan for and hire the resources we need, but we need the community’s help too. We ask community members to call and report criminal activity when they see it, whether it is related to gun violence, public disorder, or any criminal activity. Please report any illegal activities to the Police, even after the fact. Every bit of evidence and information shared helps law enforcement find and arrest those responsible.

It sounds to me like some people are going to get hurt, and maybe there'll be consequences for a few assailants eventually. Let's hope that nobody dies, as someone did last August at one of these confrontations.


  1. It should be, but sadly is not, shocking to hear the Portland police department dog-whistle that they plan to sit back and let violence happen on its streets. The phrase "may make arrests where resources allow" will live in infamy.


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