Meanwhile, at the follies

Here's some classic Salem: Our governor, Killer Kate, is going to veto a bill on mental health services because she thinks it conflicts with federal law.

SB 721 would modify the member appointment process for the Consumer Advisory Council that assists the director of the Oregon Health Authority on mental health and substance use disorder services.

The bill, Brown said, would put the state in conflict with federal Medicaid law, which requires a single state Medicaid agency and prevents the Oregon Health Authority from delegating authority over Medicaid policies.

Well, that's a relief.  It's important that the deck chairs on the SS Oregon Mental Health Titanic be arranged according to federal regulations.



    This is my bill that she's vetoing, I disagree with her rationale for this action. We are working on public information requests and hope to get news coverage of my perspective soon.

    thanks kevin ,


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