Oregon is the most mentally ill state in the country

That's the word from an outfit called Mental Health America. Oregon is the absolute worst in prevalence of mentally ill adults. Fifth-worst in prevalence of mentally ill youth.  

Combined with our ranking in access to care, which is slightly above the median, Oregon is the fourth-worst state in the country for mental illness overall.

The rankings are here.

But we need to re-do the Park Blocks. We need to cover the freeways for the apartment guys. The commnity college needs more buildings. The library could find ways to spend more money. And don't forget light rail to Bridgeport Village! Mental health will have to wait.


  1. Judging by the was we keep re-electing the same dysfunctional, math-ignorant, busybody know-nothings I agree.

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  3. Yes, Oregon seems to more than it's share of Looney Tunes, but these kind of rankings don't really tell us anything. Oregon might be the worst, but how much worse than the other states? Did all the states rank somewhere between 49 and 51 on a scale of 100? Or did Oregon score like 3 and everyone else scored above 90?

    If you are counting on the government to solve anything, you are going to have a long wait.

    Then there is the cost. All those construction projects you mention have fixed cost. Hiring mental health counselors would be an infinite money sink. There isn't enough money in the world to hire enough mental health counselors to adequately address all the mental health issues running around loose.

    Light rail is the highway to hell.


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