I was quite proud of myself last fall when I bought a $40 cassette player on the internet to listen to piles and piles of music cassette tapes that had been sitting around collecting dust. Many wonderful sounds filled my ears and put a smile on my face. But after maybe 100 or 200 hours of play, that cheesy contraption has now broken down to the point that it's eating the tapes.

Remember when your eight-tracks and cassettes would get eaten by the machine? Epic tragedy was lurking at every moment. Kids these days just don't understand.

Fortunately for me, nothing of too much importance has been lost, but it's back to the drawing board for a player. I should have known that the one I bought wasn't good for the long haul, or even the medium haul. It was beyond flimsy.

Oh, how I wish I had kept just one of the several Sony Walkmen that lay around idle for decades. Those babies were rugged.


  1. Well, I lay my head on the railroad track
    Waiting on the double E
    But the train don't run by here no more
    Poor, poor pitiful me...

    I feel your pain. I bought a cassette player that was supposed to play them and turn into digital files, but had the same kind of tape-eating shoddy construction.

  2. Just a thought. Did you try Goodwill?

  3. I will give you one, or two, or even three of them Jack. My whole garage is filled with vintage stereo stuff. Most, if not all of it works fine. I was/am a former audio packrat who has seen the error of his ways.


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