Progress on the analog front

Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions and help with the cassette music archive project. My $40 hinky-pinky cassette player showed up yesterday, which puts things back on track.

The bluetooth aspect of this gadget is laughable, and so it's basically an '80s-era Walkman. But it will do for my purposes.

I turned an old mix tape into a cloud playlist last night. For those of you on Apple Music, you are invited to join me on a nostalgic trip here.

UPDATE, 8/19/21: This player gave out within 10 months – after only about 100 to 200 hours of play. Not recommended!


  1. "I'm gonna tell you a story
    I'm gonna tell you about my town
    I'm gonna tell you a big fat story, baby
    Aw, it's all about my town

    Yeah, down by the river
    Down by the banks of the river Charles
    (Aw, that's what's happenin' baby)
    That's where you'll find me
    Along with lovers, muggers, and thieves
    (Aw, but they're cool people)

    Well I love that dirty water
    Oh, Boston, you're my home"

  2. much better sound than I expected!


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