Get out of here with your stinkin' mental hospital

Here's a classic out of Salem: Some outfit wants to open a 100-bed mental hospital in Wilsonville, and the state bureaucrats have been jerking their chain for five years.

My God, with all the mentally ill people we have running around the streets of this state – by some metrics we are the craziest place in America – you would think the state would be giving the operators a medal instead of trying to force them to make the place half welfare and therefore not profitable. 

If even 100 people with good insurance had a new place to go, that would free up 100 beds somewhere else for others, including maybe some of the destitute, who are mentally ill. Maybe a few of the thousands of sick people living on the streets of Portland could get some help. 

How many of those people do you think there are? 2,000? 4,000? I know, Deadly Deborah's going to build them all nice little apartments any day now, but in the meantime, they need shrinks. 

Oh, the bureacrats. What they lack in competence, they make up for in arrogance.