Any more Underdog Game players out there?

A little while back, I mused about the possibility of cranking up the Underdog Game again on this blog. Underdog is the game in which readers try, every week, to pick a pro football team that will win its game outright, despite being predicted by the professional oddsmakers to lose. If your underdog wins, you get the number of points they were favored to lose by. The player with the most points at the end of the season (including the playoffs) is the winner.

There is a modest entry fee, and all of it goes to charity. The winner gets to pick the charity.

Details of how this has operated in the past can be seen here. There would be a few tweaks this year in light of the pandemic, but the basic structure wouldn't change.

So far, a few readers have indicated that they would play if the game were running. But the response has been somewhat less than overwhelming. If you're interested, and you haven't already said so, please email me at No obligation yet; I'm just gauging interest.

The regular season starts on September 9, which is just two and a half weeks away, and so I'll have to make a call on this soon. Please pipe up if you want to give the 'Dogs a go.