Doggone, or long gone?

I may wind up kicking myself for this, but I am considering reinstituting the pro football underdog pool on this blog for the upcoming pigskin season. In this game, the reader picks an underdog team every week to win its NFL game outright. If the reader's right, he or she earns points, and the player who amasses the most points at season's end wins the pool. 

In addition to the glory of being champ, the winner gets to designate the recipient of a charitable donation by the pool. If enough players enter, runners-up may also get to steer smaller gifts to charities they like.

Before deciding whether to do this – it's a long season and a lot to keep track of – I'd like to hear from folks who might want to play. If it's a go, I'll post more details on how it works and how you can play. It won't be too different from the old blog's game. You can see more about that one here.

Anyway, if you think you might play, please email me over the next few days at No obligation at this point. Thanks in advance for your interest.